Dear Austrian Wine Lovers,

Since 2002 I am around in the global world of wine with the goal to promote our great wines from Austria to all the wine lovers for individual natural wines. We create links to trading partners and develop a better understanding of our products. We consult our members since many years in all strategic questions in order to show the best possible face of each producer to the market. To find the best out of each winery is our approach until today.

TOA is a platform for producers who represent the diversity of Austria’s wine and spirit scene at its best. Each of this individuals is a master in his field. Put together, the portfolio of their products shows the disparity and manifoldness of varieties and flavours originating from this country.

Their consciousness of all matters of environment and the wish to preserve their orchards and vineyards for generations to get results in nature-related methods of cultivating. Only the agriculturist who works in close communion with nature can transport the story of the land in his products. Greatest concern for all kinds of natural resources is a matter of course for all our partners. This dedication to the true pristine taste of wines and spirits of their home is what you can enjoy in each of the different products.

To create synergies in logistic matters also puts us in a position to go easy on the resources of our earth, what we see as a general responsibility. TOA gives you the possibility to obtain a wide range of highest quality products reflecting the variety of Austria itself single-sourced. Through easy and flexible handling of orders it is possible to take care of your own resources, especially time. Providing all kind of information and supporting our customers can be taken for granted.

Best Regards

Franz Hofstätter & Team