Christoph Wachter-Wiesler, Suedburgenland/Eisenberg

I do it my way

Christoph Wachter believes in the potential of his home, the "Eisenberg" (iron mountain) in Southern Burgenland to be one of the best sites to grow elegant, complex Blaufränkisch. With its soils of schist and weathered slate with quartz and its iron-rich clay-loam the vineyards give the wines a distinctive mineral character, crisp acidity and fresh fruit aroma. Christoph says: "Iron mountain is a beautiful name, somehow mystic, and fits perfect to the wines."

To preserve the fruitiness and mineral freshness of his wines he prefers wooden barrels with a minimum of 500 litres for maturation. He likes his wines to be fresh, long lingering and full of finesse - "all but sumptuous", as he puts it. Christoph Wachter lives according to his motto: "The soil makes the wine, and less is more!"

Christoph Wachter was awarded the prestigious title "Newcomer of the year 2014" by the German journal FEINSCHMECKER.


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