Distillery Hans Reisetbauer, Upper Austria

Ask a connoisseur about Hans Reisetbauer and the answer is typically gasped in superlatives. The German journalist and expert, Hans Willsberger, stated, “Madness in a bottle!” Not for nothing has he been awarded the title “Master Distiller of the Year” five times and won the Falstaff Spirits Trophy. Astonishingly, Hans earned his accolade without being what we would call a trouper. He began distilling only in 1994, but in a short period of time he was able to set standards in his profession. To call him accurate in his quest for primary fruit and elegance is not enough, pedantic is more appropriate. “What is it that moves people? Depth and finesse in wine, in food, in architecture – simply everywhere.”

Reisetbauer is a seeker who is sought himself. From raising his own fruit organic on the farm near Linz in Upper Austria over his buying tours which lead him all over the continent annually, to his pot still distillery, each possible detail is taken into account to realise his personal guarantee to deliver a perfect product. To achieve his goal of purest fruit, precision, and clarity he works exclusively with perfect raw materials.

The diversity of his products are displayed in classic fruit distillations from fruits like rowanberry* and Bartlett pear* (which earned him the respectful nickname “Mr. Williams”), more experimental essences like tomato, carrot or ginger, and his personal interpretation of the international spirits Whisky and Gin, as well as the extremely exclusive Alisier. Each of Reisetbauer’s distillates stands for his credo that the essence of schnapps is primary fruit, drinkability and a long aftertaste. Reisetbauer’s motto is, “There is truth in wine, but there is honesty in schnapps.”


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