Hannes Reeh, Neusiedlersee

Unplugged winemaking on the Heideboden

The Reeh family is specialized on wine-growing since 1996 after being a mixed agriculture farm. Hannes Reeh studied at the Klosterneuburg wine- growing school and practised in Astria and Australia. 2007 was the first vintage under Hannes´s sole responsibility. He built a new winery and developed the memorable new label. His incredible success made the building of a new winery necessary – again! - in 2011.
His home, Andau near the Hungarian border in the very eastern part of the country, is the warmest village with the lowest amount of rainfall - in Austria. The approx. 2,400 hours of sunshine per year and the climate with Pannonian and Hungarian influences allows for wines with extraordinary ripeness, power and body.

The assortment is clearly structured:
The basis line consists of varietal wines, aged in stainless steel tanks. The white and red cuvée Heideboden are partly aged in wood barrels. Reeh's top line is called “Unplugged”, in certain countries "Rohstoff" (raw material); these are wines with no fining, no yeasts and no enzymes added.

80% is red, 20% white wine. About 60% is planted with Zweigelt, 20% Merlot, the rest is Blaufränkisch, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Weißburgunder, Welschriesling. Hannes Reeh believes in the potential of Zweigelt and wants to exploit it. "My goal is to be present in the top wine bars of the world with my Zweigelt. I want to be an ambassador for this variety."

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