Christoph Hoch decided to start making sparkling wine after a friend of his criticised a barrel sample of a 2012 still wine: "this wine is too acidic. You won't be able to make anything but sparkling wine out of it!" So, Christoph thought 'why not?' and began his research. ?

The soil structure in Hollenburg is similar to the chalk soils of Champagne. Christoph established contact to bio-dynamic Champenois vintners who would give him advice: De Sousa, Tarlant & Laherte. He chose the oldest cellar, dating back to 1640, at the Hoch winery to place the barrels in. This would become the birthplace and home of his sparkling and perlant wines. With a temperature of 16C, it is a little warmer than the other cellars and so the microbiological influence is more reliable for these wines.?

Demeter International, the world's only certifier of biodynamic products, has granted certification to Kalkspitz as a biodynamically-produced sparkling wine made according to the Méthode Ancestrale, also known as 'Pétillant Naturel', or Pét-Nat, method. This is the most natural, and, probably, the most ancient way of producing sparkling wine, involving little interference from the maker. The must is allowed its natural fermentation, with residual sugar still present, and is then bottled and sealed with a crown cap. The amount of residual sugar determines the atmospheric pressure. Fermentation is completed in bottle and there is no disgorgement and thus the yeasts remain in the wine. As a result, the wine is slightly cloudy, but can be laid down. This combination of yeast and carbon dioxide helps to preserve the wine and retain its freshness.?

As always, Christoph Hoch abides by his own philosophy. Kalkspitz is a blend of different grape varieties and combines an earthiness with a pronounced fruit character. It's dry, with maximum 11% alcohol and an atmospheric pressure of less than three. There is a crisp, refreshing acidity along with a creaminess on the palate. It is the perfect accompaniment to soft cheeses, white meats, fish and vegetable dishes. 


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