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Respekt as an Ideal

To act with respect is a quality ideal. A quality ideal for products and processes in agriculture; a quality ideal for our work and, of course, for all the personal areas of life. We constantly search for the highest quality in connection with the utmost respect for nature, our earth and for mankind.

Respekt as an Association 
Together we can achieve more. Which is why we have teamed up in the association Respekt - to learn from each other, to educate each other and to support each other. We are a community of learning and interest. Respekt is inspired by the ideas of Rudolf Steiner and, at the same time, we act independently and effectively in theory and practice. In addition, we seek an open, friendly and professional dialogue with those who are like-minded.

Respekt as Certification
Respekt is exclusively tailored to the biodynamic certification of wine.

The Basis of Respekt
In the “Landwirtschaftlichen Kurs” (The Agricultural Course; Koberwitz near Breslau, 1924), Dr. Rudolf Steiner lectured about the principles of agriculture as well as the connection between the earth and the cosmos and the differences between a materialistic and a spiritual way of approaching things.




Biological Diversity
Conservation and the sustainable use of biodiversity are regarded as the foundations of human well-being. The fragmentation and destruction of habitats are by far the greatest dangers to biological diversity on earth. Respekt helps to protect against these dangers.

Diversity in the Vineyard vs. Monoculture
Greening means stimulation - so humus is cultivated and soil fertility is preserved. The more varied the greening, the better and more beautiful everything is. This strengthens the resistance of our vines and helps to enhance the vitality of the soil. Buckwheat, Phacelia, mustard, clover, vetch, calendula, chamomile, yarrow, cornflowers, poppies and more – even the hedges and trees that line the vineyard borders - ensure biological diversity.

Beneficial Insects
They are a part of the biological diversity, and they come on their own to our vineyards: worms, ants, bees, butterflies, ladybugs and more. They help us to maintain our vines and keep our soils healthy. So of course we offer them ideal living conditions such as nesting sites and insect hotels.

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