mg vom sol - Michael Gindl, Weinviertel East

Genuine natural wines

MG: Michael Gindl. SOL: The name of an ancient vineyard in Michaels home village Hohenruppersdorf. SOL can also be taken as a synonym for the sun but also for the soul his wines. Wines with extraordinary mineral character, picked from organic treated vineyards, minimally processed and unfiltered. Wines for individualists – made by an individualist. Wines with soul reflecting Michael Gindl's personality – MG Sol.

The name “Flora” expresses not only the fresh and aromatic style of the blend itself but also the situation in the vineyards from which it originates.

"Buteo" is the academic name of the buzzard which populate the vineyards during harvest time – like sentinels. Also, the buzzard embodies power, wildness and freedom – attributes which are very suitable to describe these two Grüner Veltliners.

The first vineyard ever documented in Hohenruppersdorf in the 14th century bore the name “Sol”. The inhabitants of Hohenruppersdorf have always been freedom-loving and only accepted God and the emperor above them. The SOL made from the oldest Grüner Veltliner vines also enjoys complete freedom: it is allowed to develop in its own way and in its own pace. It shows individual character and cannot be categorized.


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