The vineyards of Schloss Maissau are located on the Manhartsberg in the Weinviertel region. Since 2006 the winery is operated by Ewald Gruber (Winery Gruber-Roeschitz) as oenologist and the wine specialist Josef M. Schuster (from the drinks wholesale merchant Del Fabro). Only one variety is cultivated on the 7 hectares: Gruener Veltliner. That’s why Schloss Maissau is also called “The Veltliner-castle”.

The wine growing village Maissau on the Manhartsberg lies in the most western part of the Weinviertel. It's wine growing history dates back to the year 1114 when it was first mentioned in a document. The castle was built in the 13th century and since 1537 belongs to the Abensberg und Traun family.

The vineyards are located on the south-east slope of the Manhartsberg which is the last foothill of the Bohemian Massif and is comprised of granite. In Maissau the granite zone passes over into the tertiary basin. 20 Million years ago this was the coast of the tertiary ocean and its surge formed the sand and sandstone soils which today outcrop on the slopes of the granite bedrock hills. The shallow sites have been overlayed by Loess about 10.000 years ago. The wines of Schloss Maissau reflect the uniqueness of Austria’s most typical variety through the combination of optimal geological and micro-climatic conditions on the Manhartsberg.

Thanks to the decision to concentrate exclusively on Gruener Veltliner Schloss Maissau occupies a special position: it is a pure Gruener Veltliner winery, it is the „Veltliner-castle“ and due to the fact that the vineyards are located contiguous around the castle it is also called the „Veltliner-Château“.

The crisp and fruity Schloss Maissau Weinviertel DAC is a village-wine made from different sites around Maissau. The 4 single vineyard Veltliners are vinified from the “Grand Crus” Steinwandl, Quittengang, Neuberg-Schanz and Juliusberg; the Gruener Veltliner Sparkling Wine is called Manhartsberg brut.

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