Tom Straka – Southern Burgenland/Eisenberg

Tom Straka, Rechnitz & Welschriesling = the perfect match 

Rechnitz, the home of the small Straka winery, is a unique location: at the southern foothills of „Günser Gebirge“, which seperates the mid from the southern part of Burgenland and which is the change over from the eastern part of the alps to the hungarian lowlands (pannionien low lands). The mountain, geologicaly also called „Rechnitzer Window“ is built up of metamorph, cristal schist and magmatic rock, which exist in this way only in 3 other places in the world. Welschriesling, the old Austrian grape, is the main variety and a kind of personal „spleen“ of Thomas Straka. Also Pinot blanc and Blaufränkisch from the Eisenberg transport the distinctive mineral driven structure of the region.


Tom Straka
Felix sitting on a wine barrel


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